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Knowledgebase - upload your files and website
Knowledgebase - upload your files and website
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  • In Shopia we refer to the collection of files and URLs uploaded to your workspace as a knowledgebase.

  • Each item (file or URL) we add to our knowledgebase will be called a ‘resource’.

  • In this guide we will learn how to add files and URLs to our knowledgebase.

Why adding resources can be beneficial

  • Your knowledgebase can teach Shopia to create factually correct and on-brand content about your business whilst using Shopia Chat, the document text editor and even within workflows.

  • If you have many files it’s sometimes hard to find the information you need. You can also use Shopia to find all the information you need near instantly using Shopia’s smart search or Shopia chat.

How to add resources to your knowledgebase

Your knowledgebase can easily be accessed by any feature that uses it.

We can however directly manage our knowledgebase from the dashboard. Open the your profile in the bottom-left and click ‘settings’:

Then click on the ‘knowledgebase’ tab under team settings:

Here we can see all our resources. Currently we have two URLs that Shopia has processed:

Let’s add a new resource. Click on ‘+ ADD RESOURCE’ in the top-right:

Here we can add multiple URLs at once or add files. In this example we will add two more URLs (each separated on a new line) and then submit:

These resources will begin processing. When they are processed the ‘lightning bolt’ icon will appear.

After adding your resources

Now you have added some resources. You can use them within Shopia’s AI tools:

  • You can now search for key information in these resources using AI with smart search.

  • You can use Shopia Chat to ask questions about your knowledgebase.

  • You can perform tasks and create new content. First you will need to create a personality, the topic of our next guide:

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