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Brand voice - let Shopia analyze your content and writing styles
Brand voice - let Shopia analyze your content and writing styles
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Accessing voices

For any feature that uses brand voices, you can manage yours from there. We can however manage our voices directly from your profile settings. From the dashboard open the profile dropdown and click on ‘settings’:

From the team settings on the left, click on ‘voices’:

Here we can view our voices and add new ones:

Creating a new voice

Click on ‘+ ADD VOICE’ in the top-right:

First type an easy to remember name for your voice. In this example we want to define a voice specifically for creating new pages for the Shopia website:

Adding a voice manually

We can simply type/paste our voice description and then click ‘SAVE VOICE’:

Our new voice is ready to use:

Adding a voice - Shopia analysis (recommended)

We recommend allowing Shopia to analyze an example of your content obtain a voice that matches the type of content you want to make. When creating a new voice, add an easy to remember name:

Next we click ‘Auto-detect via example’. We can add examples in multiple ways:

In this example we will add Shopia’s homepage and click ‘ANALYZE’:

Shopia AI looks at the content and then produces an ideal description:

Click ‘SAVE VOICE’. As we can see our voices are saved and ready for use:

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