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Does Shopia pass AI content detection?
Does Shopia pass AI content detection?
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Overview of AI detection tools

One thing we hear time and time again from our users is that we are passing many AI detector tests which are becoming increasingly popular to check. We understand passing these tests is important, especially in light of Google’s recent updates regarding AI content.

AI content detection is somewhat of a controversial topic - different providers of these detection tools have been questioned on their validity. It’s debated whether any publicly available tool can reliably detect AI content at all. OpenAI for example discontinued their AI detection tool partly due questions about it’s reliability.

That being said, we tried and tested these tools ourselves and have seen for some AI models and instructions, that these tools can detect generated content to a reasonable degree of accuracy.

How Shopia builds tools with AI detection in mind

Our team at Shopia have gone to great lengths to understand the limitations of the latest AI models and how to address any issues related Shopia content being flagged as AI generated content. If this is a concern for your business and what like to learn more, please contact us at [email protected].

Our in-built AI tools and templates are built with this in mind and perform well on many detection tools.

Shopia also aims to use the latest AI models from different providers when it’s suitable for the task. AI detection tools are less likely to flag content from these more recent models.

Checking for AI generated content within the Shopia platform

We also provide an AI content analysis tool within our document text editor. This tool is provided by a third party (Dream API). In this guide we will learn how to use it.

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