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Topic clusters - find 100's of the best article ideas for your website
Topic clusters - find 100's of the best article ideas for your website
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What are topic clusters?

Using topic clusters is data-driven way to find all the best articles to write for your blog.

These articles can then be created with any of Shopia’s article writing tools.

You can even create all the articles at once using the bulk generator.

We refer to a collection of articles grouped by a key topic as a ‘topic cluster’.

Why use topic clusters?

Creating multiple articles on a particular topic will improve your website’s topical authority. Higher topical authority means articles of this topic will be more likely to rank highly on search engines.

If you have a very high traffic/competition search-term you would like to rank on search engines, then you may want to create a topic cluster, where that search-term is your key topic. In this way you may think of the collection of articles within a cluster as all the supporting articles & information that search engines expect your website to have on that topic.

Accessing & creating our first topic cluster

You can start creating a new cluster in two ways. From the dashboard you can click ‘New’ > ‘Bulk Tools’ > ‘Topic cluster’:

Alternatively you can go to your topic clusters. From the dashboard menu click ‘Bulk Tools’ > ‘Topic clusters’ and then click ‘CREATE CLUSTER’ in the top-right:

Here you can add a key topic related to your business. We recommend this be a high traffic search-term that you would like to eventually rank for on Google or other search-engines:

💡 If you are not sure what topic to optimize for, click on ‘FIND TOPIC IDEAS’ and Shopia can search for ideas based on similar websites

Once you’ve added your topic, Shopia will begin creating a collection of article ideas. Each article idea has a key search-term to optimize for, along with a set of keywords to optimize for this search term:

Creating articles with the single generator

If we click on ‘create article’ a new document will be created for this article idea. In this example we are creating an article that will optimize for the search-term ‘seo content writing’:

Next we click on ‘open article’ to go the document editor:

When you first open the document, the article generator will appear. We can see our search-term and target-region are automatically added and we are ready to generate an SEO report:

We can return to the topic cluster at any time by clicking the back arrow on the document editor:

By going to the dashboard then to the documents page we can see our article can also be accessed from here:

Creating articles with the bulk generator

We can click on any suggested articles to select them.

We can then click ‘+ ADD TO BULK GENERATOR’ in the top-right to open the bulk generator:

Here we can see our articles are ready to generate:

Extending topic clusters

If we want more article ideas for a given cluster. We can click ‘find more suggestions’ in the top-right. This will create multiple more ideas within the cluster:

Some article ideas in a topic cluster can be particularly competitive and hard to rank for on Google. In this case we may want create a topic cluster for that topic:

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