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Content score optimization (2 of 4) - keywords & NLP terms
Content score optimization (2 of 4) - keywords & NLP terms
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Once we have made a document and created an SEO report we can go to the ‘keywords’ tab.

By using Shopia’s keyword guidelines you can improve your SEO content score.

Viewing NLP terms

Clicking on the ‘keywords’ tab, we can view all of Shopia’s recommended keywords, along with the number of times to include the term in your content:

💡 For example the term ‘SEO’ has been used in the document content (right) 57 times. The recommended count is a minimum of 14 times and a maximum of 130 times.

We can also click on ‘wide view’ in the top right to increase the size of our text editor:

Headers typically have different keyword densities so we analyze those separately. You have view ideal keywords for your headers in the ‘header terms’ tab:

Importing NLP terms

Shopia analyzes Google results to identify the best terms to use within your article. You can however import keywords from your existing SEO software here:

Optimizing your content score

To improve our on-page SEO we can start by addressing some of the keywords that we either have too much or too little within the body of our document text:

Once we have made improvements to our document we can click ‘refresh count’ in the top right to re-evaluate our keyword usage and our overall content score:

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