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Article basics - step-by-step article generator
Article basics - step-by-step article generator
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  • The step-by-step article generator is ideal for having full control over the article generating process.

  • Step-by-step we can optimize for SEO, manage our keywords, titles, outlines and more.

  • For each step we can analyze top Google results to easily build top quality content with AI.

  • We can even control fine details for every single section. With custom instructions, talking points and even file & URL research capabilities, we can create any type of fact-based article you can imagine.

Accessing the article writer

The single article generator is available within any Shopia document. There are 3 ways to access the step-by-step article generator:

1 - In an existing document you can find the article writer under templates.

2 - From the dashboard you can add a new document here.

3 - From ‘documents’ you can manage document creation within folders.

Step 1 - SEO report

The benefits

Creating an SEO report before generating your article has 3 core benefits:

  1. Shopia will automatically find NLP terms, links & more for optimization.

  2. Access additional tools in the next steps that combine high ranking Google data & AI.

  3. Access optimization guidelines and tools once your article is generated.

How it works

From the first step of the article writer you can optionally generate an SEO report. You simply add a focus keyword - the main search term in Google you would like this article to rank for.

💡 If you want to reduce the processing time you can disable ‘auto select top results’ and choose less pages to analyze.

Step 2 - Context - defining your article

In this step we will define the key details and settings for our article. In this example we can see the description, writing style and keywords have been automatically generated from the previous step:

💡 We recommend turning on ‘web-search’ - Shopia can fact check across the internet before writing. Shopia will determine key questions needed to write each section.

💡 We recommend enabling quality mode - this will not only improve writing quality, but formatting, addition of external links & more. It will however take significantly longer to generate your article.

Article description

The description is the only required field on the context step.

Here we will define the key details about the article we want to create.

It can be added in 3 ways:

1 - Auto generated from the previous SEO step:

Make sure the ‘generate description’ step was enabled before generating your report.

2 - Manually

Simply type in or paste your description.

3 - Rewrite from example article

Click ‘extract with article rewriter’ in the top-right and add an example URL:

We add an example URL and click ‘Import’:

We can see Shopia has extracted the key details from the article:

One click mode

When using the default article writer settings there are 4 steps before generating an article:

We can enable ‘generate in one click’. We now will skip the title and outline step. An optimal title, outline and then article will be generated for us.

As we continue in this guide, we will keep ‘generate in one click’ turned off so we can have full control over our article title, outline and talking points before generating a draft.

Advanced controls

You can find further controls under the advanced options, such as meta-data generation and letting Shopia auto-create an outline draft for you:

Once you’re ready, click ‘Next: Title’ to continue to the next step.

Step 3 - Title

Here we can add our article title on the left. On the right we can view AI suggestions or view Google results:

Using an AI suggestion

We can simply click on a suggestion:

We can then edit our title before continuing

Rewriting a title based on top Google results

Click on the ‘top ranking titles’ tab:

Click on any title. Shopia will rewrite this title based on the keyword data from the headers of the analyzed Google results. In this example we will click on the top result:

Your new title will appear on the left:

Step 4 - Outline

The outline step works similar to the title step. We have our outline on the left and we have AI suggestions and SEO data on the right:

Sections - adding talking points and custom instructions

Click '+ add talking points & instructions' to add specific details to each section. You have full control over each section with custom instructions. You can also add URLs and files to each section for Shopia to read before generating:

Generating and optimizing your article

Once you’re ready click ‘GENERATE ARTICLE’. It will take a moment to return the first section to the document text editor. You can then use multiple tools to continue editing and optimizing your article:

You can continue to use the SEO report tools from the ‘SEO’ tab. Here you can find optimization recommendations plus AI text generation & research tools using the analyzed Google results:

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