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Sending articles to Wordpress
Sending articles to Wordpress
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Shopia provides a direct integration to Wordpress so you can send articles to your website.

You can send articles one at a time or many in one go.

Articles can be sent as private draft posts or as fully published web-pages.

Connecting to Wordpress

From the dashboard, click on the team dropdown in the bottom-left, then click ‘integrations’:

We will now create a new Wordpress connection. Click on the ‘Wordpress’ tab, then ‘ADD WORDPRESS SITE’:

We now need to add some details about our Wordpress site. Start with the domain and the username you use to login to Wordpress. Next we will need to make an application password on Wordpress:

Obtaining an application password

  • Application passwords are used to connect to allow external software (like Shopia) to interact with your website via API.

  • These passwords can not be used to log in to your website

First let’s go to the wp-admin dashboard then to ‘users’ > ‘profile’:

Scroll down to the bottom and find ‘Application Passwords’. Give it an easy to remember name such as ‘Shopia application password’:

💡 We recommend creating a new application password per software you allow to connect to your website. This allows you to easily manage who has permissions to interact with it.

Here your application password is given and ready to copy and paste into Shopia to connect to Wordpress:

💡 This application password will only be visible until you leave this page. Please store it somewhere safe.

The code above is for demo purposes. As this code should not be publicly displayed, we deleted this application password to maintain the security of our website.

Going back to Shopia, paste in the code and then click ‘send test post’:

💡 If the test post does not succeed, consider if you have plugins related to security or URL redirects.

Some plugins can alter the behaviour of wordpress' standard API endpoints that we utilize to make our Wordpress integration.

You may want to consider temporarily disabling some plugins to see if they are causing connection issues.

Sending articles to Wordpress

Your Wordpress site should now be successfully connected. We can now easily send any of our documents.

We can send one document at a time from the share menu in top-right of the text editor:

Alternatively we can go to the documents page and select multiple documents:

Then in the top-right we can click ‘bulk actions’ > ‘send to another app’:

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