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Creating connections - connect to Zapier
Creating connections - connect to Zapier
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In this guide we will create a workflow in Zapier that we can trigger at any time in Shopia to send over content to other apps. In this demo, we will show you how to send content in Shopia to create new Google Docs.

First from the Shopia dashboard, click on the team dropdown in the bottom-right and make sure you have the team selected that you want to add the Zapier connection to:

Navigate to then click ‘+ CREATE’:

Set Shopia to as step 1 and select the 'Content sent to Zapier' event:

Sign into your Shopia account and then click ‘Continue’:

Create a name for your connection. We recommend calling this the same name as your Zap:

Click ‘Test trigger’:

Shopia will send some test data here. Click ‘Continue’:

Next choose which app you want to connect to. In this demo we will choose ‘Google Docs’:

Choose the event you want and add the test data from step 1 into the desired fields:

Your Zap is now fully configured. Test the action or click ‘Skip test’ and then click ‘Publish’:

Let’s check our connection has been saved In Shopia. Head over to your team’s integrations:

Here we can see our connection we made in Zapier is here. When we sent data from Shopia to this connection, the Zapier automation will now be triggered:

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