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Creating connections - connect to Pabbly
Creating connections - connect to Pabbly
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Send any content in Shopia to any app supported by the Pabbly integration platform

First from the Shopia dashboard, click on the team dropdown in the bottom-right and make sure you have the team selected that you want to add the Zapier connection to:

Navigate to and click ‘create workflow’:

Name your connection. In this example we want our connection to create a Google Doc when we send Shopia documents:

Under ‘Choose App’ select Shopia and for ‘Trigger Event’ select ‘Get published content’:

Add a name for this connection so you can identify it in Shopia (we recommend the same name as the workflow you are making) then click ‘Save & Send Test Request’:

Let’s check our connection has been saved In Shopia. Head over to your team’s integrations:

We can see our new connection has been saved in Shopia:

The test data should appear in Pabbly:

Next we set up a 2nd step, the app we want to send our Shopia content to. In this demo we will choose Google Docs and under ‘Action Event’ we’ll choose to create a document from text:

Add you test data from step 1 and then click ‘Save’:

Now you can send any content in Shopia to your new connection and trigger this workflow!

Next let's learn how to use our new connection:

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