Inviting your team
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💡 Please note that you will need a paid plan to have team seats to invite members. You can however create as many teams as you like to help organize your work.

From the dashboard, open the menu in the bottom-right and click on ‘Team’:

From here let’s click ‘Invite Members’:

Here you can add the email of the team member you would like to invite. They will be sent an email invite to either sign up to Shopia or to log in:

While their invitation is pending, this user will be occupying a team seat. Use the menu here to resend invitations or remove them:

💡 If you require more controls over user permissions we offer this under our enterprise plans. For more information please contact us at [email protected].

  • You can create as many teams as you want to use as workspaces. To invite other members however you will require a paid plan.

💡 Your subscription is attached to your user account. You could therefore have multiple teams using your credit allowance. If you would like to have 1 subscription per team please make separate Shopia accounts.

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