Saving custom templates
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When to save templates

When choosing a workflow from the templates tab (see below), your existing workflow will be overwritten.

We can however save the workflow we are working on so we can reuse it any time within other documents or bulk workflows.

Let’s choose ‘summarize into bullet points’ for this example:

We then decide to change the prompt to provide the output in a paragraph instead of bullet points:

We want to be able to reuse this workflow, let's learn how we can save it.

How to save a template

Click ‘Save Workflow’ from the menu in the top right:

Optionally add a name and description to your new workflow template and then save:

Accessing your templates

If you go back to the templates tab, under ‘my workflows’ you will find your saved template:

💡 When you click on the custom template above, you are creating a copy of this workflow. Changes to this copy will therefore only affect the copy.

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