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Getting started with Shopia - automations vs documents
Getting started with Shopia - automations vs documents
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What is an automation

Automations are ideal for a task that requires repetition.

An automation starts with a trigger. There are 3 types of triggers:

  1. Scheduled automation - Shopia performs a task every hour/day/week.

  2. When something changes in your existing apps - e.g when a Google Doc is created.

  3. Inputs - You control when your automation is run. You can upload lists of tasks, run your automation via API & more.

When a Shopia automation is triggered, a series of actions is performed. These actions can connect to AI, search the internet and interact with other software. These actions can work together to do just about anything.

What is a document

A document in Shopia is the perfect workspace for any project.

Within each document you have a text editor and 100's of content creation & research tools.

You can start to think of Shopia documents as Google Docs combined with Chat GPT in one place. But that's just the beginning.

Documents is packed full of tools that usually you would have to switch between multiple apps to use. Some of these tools include:

  • Shopia Chat - a personalized chat assistant to help with your project.

  • Workflow templates - basic automations to search the internet, create content & more.

  • Smart search - Instantly find what you're looking for in your business files with AI.

  • Media - Search for images/videos or generate images with AI.

Not only that, but Shopia's tools can connect to your business files and website.

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