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What is the inputs trigger

Many of Shopia's automation templates uses the 'inputs' trigger.

Using this trigger, we can define inputs for each run.

The automation 'Scrape and summarize article URL' for example will have the input 'URL'.

We can then run this automation by uploading lists of tasks to run, using an API.

Creating an automation with the inputs trigger

Any of our templates that require inputs for each run will already be using this trigger.

In this example however, we will be creating a new automation from scratch.

Let's create a new automation using the menu in the top-left:

Our automation has been created. Let's click 'build template':

This will redirect us to the 'build tab'. Here we can set the Trigger to 'inputs':

Defining inputs

Inputs can be defined any field in almost any action. We simply name the input using square brackets.

For this example let's generate text with AI using the 'custom prompt' action:

We can see Shopia has automatically added an input [prompt] for us:

We can combine text in the prompt field with an input value. Let's add an instruction for the AI along with the input 'topic':

The same input can be used for multiple steps. Let's create a second step:

We'll use the 'search web' action:

Let's use the 'topic' input in this step too:

Note that the name of your inputs are case-sensitive

Testing your automation

Now we can test this automation. Click 'GO TO WORKFLOW TEST' at the bottom:

We will be redirected the 'test tab'. Our steps have been combined into a single step:

For our test we will make the topic to be 'SEO' then click 'TEST WORKFLOW':

Here's our test results:

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