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  • If we provide content from external sources to AI for text generation, there poses a risk of plagiarism.

  • Shopia uses a number of techniques to avoid plagiarized content being produced by our AI tools & templates. Researched content is compiled, summarized and then rewritten in detail. In this way the AI has very little memory of the original content so it’s unable to plagiarize.

  • Any content team can produce plagiarized content however, by accidentally repeating research materials or misuse of AI instructions for tasks such as summarization. Some of our users therefore like to double check their content for plagiarism before publishing. This guide will show you how to do so.

Opening the plagiarism check tool

From the document editor, click on the ‘badge’ icon in the top-right then click ‘plagiarism check:

Viewing your results

Shopia will begin searching the web to find results that contain similar sentences to those inside your document content. When the analysis is complete, a popup will appear:

Let’s go through the results above:

  • Our overall plagiarism score is 5% (low).

  • There were two web-pages found with at least one sentence that is similar to our document content.

  • There are 3 matched sentences in total that matched for plagiarism

We can click on ‘show 2 matches’ to look to view the flagged content:

💡 We provide more granular plagiarism and comparison tools to our enterprise clients. If you would like more information please contact us at [email protected].

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