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SEO reports provide you with actionable insights and tools to help you create content that will rank on Search engines like Google.

Creating an SEO report

SEO reports when generating single articles is typically done at the first step of the step-by-step article generator:

However the same tools can simply be accessed from the ‘SEO’ tab of any document. To begin the report you simply add a focus keyword - the main search term in Google you would like this article to rank for:

💡 If you want to reduce the processing time you can disable ‘auto select top results’ and choose less pages to analyze.

Once we’re ready we click ‘CREATE SEO REPORT’. This can take a minute to process:

Viewing the report and optimizing your document

Here we can see how our document content (right) compares to key SEO metrics (left) based on the Google results. Here we can see a number of simple tasks we can perform to improve our content score:

Right now our content score is 62 and the average Google result has a score of 67. We should aim to at least be above the average score by using the guidelines provided.

As we make edits to our document we can click ‘refresh scores’ to re-evaluate our content score:

Content score optimization tools

Notice we have other tabs full of tools to help improve our content score:

Let’s learn how to use these tools. Start the SEO tab series:

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