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Documents page - organizing your content
Documents page - organizing your content
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What is the documents page

The documents page allows you to manage your existing documents and create new ones within folders.

You can make a content plan - set schedule dates, assign tasks to team members, track progress and even manage SEO metrics.

Opening the documents page

From the dashboard menu, click on ‘Documents’:

Here you can view all your documents and folders in your current workspace:

Showing & hiding document fields

Click on the ‘eye’ icon to add additional fields for managing team content or SEO management:

Creating folders

In this example we currently working in our root folder ‘Documents’. We can click add new documents and folder by clicking on the folder:

Let’s click on a ‘New Folder’. We are now working within the new folder:

Creating documents

We are currently working in the folder 'New folder'. We can click on it to open the folder menu and then we can click 'New Document':

Our new document has been created:

Let’s click the ‘back arrow’ to head back to the documents page:

We can see our new document is stored within 'New folder':

Changing folders

We can head back to our root folder by clicking on the documents folder:

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