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Documents page - SEO management
Documents page - SEO management
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Adding SEO fields to the documents page

From the dashboard, click on ‘Documents’ to view all your documents and folders:

Click on the ‘eye’ icon to open all the possible document fields we can add to our view:

To track SEO we will add the following fields:

  • Focus keyword - the main Google search term we are optimizing for in an SEO report.

  • Search volume - the estimated monthly searches for the focus keyword.

  • Difficulty - the difficulty to rank for the focus keyword

  • Last analysis - the last time an SEO report was generated.

  • Content score - the key score metric from an SEO report so you can compare your document to top Google results.

  • Target URL - the URL you aim to add this document content to at a later date.

You can add more fields for content management as discussed here:

Exporting content

You can export multiple documents at once with bulk actions. You can download your content as csv, or send to another app. Currently we support a direct Wordpress integration, or sending to 100’s of apps via Zapier, Pabbly or any webhook:

💡 If you need advice on exporting your content in different ways, please contact us at [email protected]

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