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Workflows - templates for research & content creation

Automate any task with workflows

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What are workflows

The workflows tab brings the power of Shopia automations to your document to assist you on whatever project you are working on.

A workflow runs a sequence of steps.

Each step performs an action that may be for content creation, searching the internet, generating images & more. Together they can work together to perform 100โ€™s of different tasks.

You can use our collection of workflow templates as a starting point or build your own.

Difference between workflows and Shopia automations

Automations come with a larger range of actions and integrations to create complex workflows.

Getting started

Try Shopia automations - schedule complex workflows in bulk.

Not sure if workflows are right for you?

Our team is always working with our users help them automate daily tasks.

It's easy to request a template to get you started. Get started here.

Building workflows in documents

To see examples of building workflows within documents, check out our YouTube series on workflow use cases.

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