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Content manager - schedule documents, assign members, track progress & more
Content manager - schedule documents, assign members, track progress & more
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What field values can we add to our documents

Here are the following document fields that can be changed in the content manager:


add additional notes for organization. Popular tags are ‘consolidate’, ‘improve’, ‘repurpose’ & ‘leave as is’. You can add your own tags too!

Assigned to

which team member is working on this document.

Scheduled date

When the document(s) should be finished or sent for review. Documents with scheduled dates are also visible from your content calendar.


Track your progress in multiple stages.

Managing a single a document or folder

First let’s go to the the documents page. From the dashboard click ‘Documents’:

💡 If you cannot see these fields on the documents page, view showing/hiding fields.

We can assign a scheduled date to a document or folder by clicking the ‘+’ icon. In this example we will set a schedule date for the folder ‘My Articles’:

This will open the content manager for this folder. We’ll set a date and click ‘SCHEDULE’:

Managing multiple documents & folders

First let’s select which content we want to change.

We can then open the ‘Bulk Actions’ dropdown in the top-right and click on ‘Content Manager’:

We can see that we have opened the content manager for 3 selected items. Changes made in the content manager will now affect all 3 items:

Access the content manager within an open document

Here we have an open document:

We can open the content manager simply by using the 3-dot menu in the top-right and clicking ‘Content Manager’:

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