Using your content calendar

We can view our documents in the calendar view to easily view and add to our schedule.

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Accessing your calendar

From the dashboard, click ‘documents’ to go to your documents:

Your documents is currently in the default view. We can click the ‘calendar’ button in the top-right to move to the calendar view:

💡 You can return to the default view at any time by clicking the ‘calendar’ button.

Viewing documents, tracking progress & notifying your team

Documents with a schedule date are visible in our calendar:

To open the document we simply click on the document title. In this example we simply click on ‘The Ultimate Guide To SEO’ and the document editor will open:

In this example we will make some edits and then change the status of our document to notify our team. Let’s open the content manager from the 3-dot menu in the top-right:

We’ll set the status to ‘needs review’:

We will then assign this document to a team member so they can be notified on any updates of this document:

💡 Learn more about the content manager:

We can then return to the calendar by clicking the back arrow in the top-left:

Creating new documents from the calendar

We can create a new document by clicking on any day. In this example we will create a document for the 28th:

As we can see the new document has been made:

Using folders

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