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Shopia chat - your research & editing assistant - multi-file queries & more
Shopia chat - your research & editing assistant - multi-file queries & more
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  • Shopia Chat is a chat assistant specifically designed to help you with tasks within Shopia documents.

  • Your assistant can search across multiple data-sources automatically. For example if you give it a YouTube video, it understands to go research that content before performing a task.

  • Shopia Chat can also access your Shopia knowledge-base. In other words it can search through all your business files (that you upload to Shopia) at once and perform tasks using this information.

Accessing Shopia chat

In an open document, go to the ‘Chat’ tab to open Shopia Chat:

Display options

Turn on dual view to view your text editor. In this way you can use Shopia Chat as a research and editing assistant alongside your document content:

If you don’t require a text editor, it can simply be hidden by moving to single view:

Setting your AI model

Shopia chat does it’s best to choose the best performing AI models for the given task. You can however improve output quality by setting your ‘Model Type’ to quality mode in the top-right. Alternatively you can choose ‘fast mode’ so the AI returns results quickly:

💡 Learn more on choosing AI models:

Changing your output language

Chat types

Before giving Shopia Chat a task, we should decide which chat type we would like to start with. Shopia currently has 3 chat types - ‘Auto’, ‘Just Chat’ and ‘Knowledgebase’.

Changing chat type

Open Shopia Chat and click on ‘Chat Type’. Here you can click on the chat type you want to use before submitting your next task. As we can see by default that chat is in ‘Auto’ mode:

Chat type differences

  • Auto - depending on the task, Shopia will search Google, the news or video content to answer your question the best it can. If it does not require this data, Shopia will use its own internal knowledge to complete the task.

  • Just chat - Shopia Chat will not have access to the web or any external content. Shopia will only use it’s internal knowledge to complete the task.

  • Knowledgebase - ask questions about any of your uploaded files and URLs (your knowledgebase). Shopia will strictly use the information uploaded and will not use other external sources or it’s internal knowledge. If you want Shopia to utilize your knowledgebase while performing tasks in ‘Auto’ or ‘Just chat’ mode, please refer to the next section on ‘personality’.

Personality (applies to ‘Auto’ and ‘Just Chat’ mode)

We can add a personality to improve Shopia’s understanding of your business and writing style.

Click on ‘Personality’ to choose an existing personality or create a new one:

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